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Security Screen Doors & Windows Sydney

Mick’s Glass and Glazing offers both commercial and residential solutions for your security door and window requirements.

Security Screen Doors & Security Window Screen
The ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Security Mesh system for screens and doors is designed to protect your home and your family.

ScreenGuard security screens windows and Security Screen doors are made with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh that provides strength and quality. ScreenGuard’s aluminium frames are made from high-quality T6 extruded aluminium using state-of-the-art equipment.

A system distributed by Darley Aluminium – a leader in the distribution of aluminium extrusion products for over 24 years, ScreenGuard is backed by a 10-year warranty. ScreenGuard is also a patented security system that meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS5039-2008.

ScreenGuard Security Screen Doors

We offer you the finest in security screens for your windows and doors, SCREENGUARD is designed for the Australian climate and is suitable for all windows.

Only marine grade stainless steel is used in SCREENGUARD security products, SCREENGUARD is constructed uniquely to your sizes by our skilled fabrication team.

With the ScreenGuard security screen and door mesh systems, you’ll be able to keep your home safe from intruders. Mick’s Glass and Glazing offers residential solutions for your security screen door and window requirements.

Mick’s Glass and Glazing offer ScreenGuard security screen door solutions that are built to last. They’re constructed from 316 marine-grade stainless mesh that provides durability and strength. The aluminium is manufactured from high-quality T-6 extrusion using advanced technology.

An aluminium screen guard has been developed to meet and exceed Australian Standards AS5039-2008.  It is a patented security system that provides the highest level of security.


Security Screen Doors

Hinged and sliding doors stand as one of the most popular choices for security screen doors. They offer easy installation and create an attractive entrance to your home, all while keeping intruders at bay.

Mick’s Glass designs and manufacture all hinging and sliding security doors in accordance with Australian Standards (AS) 5039.

Mick’s Glass and Glazing remain dedicated to ensuring your home’s security by providing innovative security screen doors and windows. The powder-coated security doors and windows with stainless steel mesh are heavy-duty.

The screen door consists of a series of hinged panels sliding back neatly against the wall or jamb. With more levels of protection, these doors will keep your family safe as these security products conform to Australian Security Standards.

Mick’s Glass offer comprehensive solutions that start the customisation of the front door, security windows, hinged screen doors.

Stainless Steel Doors and Windows

Screenguard also uses 316 marine grade stainless steel, a type of steel that is resistant to corrosion in salt water and also galvanic corrosion.

The tightly woven mesh creates a virtually impenetrable strong barrier, making it an ideal choice for homes and businesses seeking the highest level of security.

The door additionally includes a robust frame made from powdered-coated aluminum, offering durability and strength. It features a pin cylinder to lock the door securely.

A security window refers to a window specifically designed to resist forced entry.

Hinged doors are also a good option for those who want to keep their doors open for ventilation but still want the security of a screen door.

There are a variety of different types of security locks that can be used on these screen doors. The most common type is the deadbolt lock, which is a very strong and effective way to secure the door. Other options include keyed locks, padlocks, and electronic locks.

The Mesh Screen Security Door

The mesh screen door is a great product for those who want to keep insects out of their home but still allow for ventilation.

The mesh screen door provides privacy and security (with its diamond grille) while allowing airflow through the fly screen, keeping your family safe from bugs and other pests that may be outside. 

We offer a wide range of security doors Our sliding doors are made with stainless steel mesh with an aluminium frame.

We also offer hinge doors, fold doors, and awning windows that have marine-grade stainless steel mesh. Our security screens for windows and doors perfectly suit bushfire-prone areas. 

If you are looking for a way to protect your home from bugs and pests without sacrificing comfort or style, look no further than our door mesh screens.

We have several different styles available to suit any taste. Our mesh insect screens are easy to install and can help prevent unwanted critters like spiders and ants from entering your home.

They also provide an excellent barrier against wind-driven rain and snow.


Sliding Security Doors

Growing in popularity, sliding security doors are a great way to connect your home with outdoor living spaces such as patios, verandahs, and decks.

The ScreenGuard sliding security door is stylish, perfectly complimenting any glass sliding doors, while also providing protection against intruder attacks, impact, and insects.

The ScreenGuard sliding door, considered a safer alternative to flyscreens, is custom-made and can accommodate narrow or wide expanses.

Made with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, that is designed to keep out intruders and pets while allowing ventilation, airflow, and natural light.

The ScreenGuard sliding door includes our patented security technology and a three-point locking system that securely sits inside the door frame. It also features high-quality door hardware including rollers, ensuring smooth operation and easy access.


Hinged Security Doors

A great way to make a statement and enhance the appeal of your home while also providing security is by installing hinged security doors.

The ScreenGuard hinged door is an attractive addition to your home, offering a range of security features including our patented security technology and a three-point locking system.

This hinged security door has undergone testing to Australian Standard AS5039, providing protection against intruder attacks and impact.

Made with high-quality T6 tempered aluminium frame and 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, the ScreenGuard hinged door provides an effective barrier to keep out unwanted guests and pests.

Mick’s Glass can custom-make the ScreenGuard door frame to suit your home’s unique style, offering a wide range of Dulux and Interpon powdercoat finishes for powder coating.

Installing a ScreenGuard hinged door doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on visibility and your outdoor views. The 316 marine grade stainless mesh used in ScreenGuard security products offers unrestricted views. It also enhances ventilation and natural airflow and natural light providing comfort and security to your home.


ScreenGuard French Doors

Another security door system increasing in popularity are security french doors in Australia.

A great accompaniment to your existing french doors, ScreenGuard french doors add a touch of elegance and style to your home.

Custom-made and fitted to suit your home, these security french doors are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and T6 tempered aluminium frame providing security and protection against intruder attacks, impact, pests and insects.

It also offers unrestricted views of the outdoors and promotes ventilation and natural airflow.

As with all ScreenGuard security products, the aluminium frame can be powdercoated in a wide range of powdercoating finishes from our suppliers: Dulux and Interpon.


ScreenFold (Multi-fold Security Screen Doors)

A perfect addition to any outdoor space such as a deck or patio enclosure, the ScreenFold: multi-fold security screen door system, can accommodate a range of door openings.

This multi-fold door system is stylish and versatile and can secure a variety of outdoor spaces. Made-to-measure to suit new and existing homes, ScreenFold is made using patented security technology and can be configured to fold inwards or outwards.

Designed and engineered in Australia, ScreenFold is made with 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh that offers uninterrupted views and enhances natural airflow and ventilation.


Features and Benefits of ScreenGuard Security Screen Doors

    • Easy to Fabricate and Install

    • Dynamic Impact Tested

    • Australian Designed & Engineered

    • Corrosion Resistant

    • Bushfire Rated tested to BAL 40

    • Made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

    • Large Panels with Taut Mesh

    • Tested to Australian Standards AS 5039-2008

    • 10 Years Warranty

    • Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame

    • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel


ScreenGuardTM Product Testing

ScreenGuard’s patented security screen products have been tested and meet Australian Standard AS5039/5041. These test are designed to simulate an attack using force to gain entry into a home.

Dynamic Impact Test

As defined by the Australian Standards Institute (ASI), AS5039 and AS5041 are security screen doors and security windows grilles respectively. ScreenGuard’s s patented two-piece wedge design is both simple and strong. It has been tested to resist all five types of impact for greater than the 100-joule requirement. Exceeding the 100-joule standard ensures ScreenGuard™ is suitable for its intended purpose.

Child Fall Prevention

Protection for windows with handles. When installed correctly, ScreenGuard™  has been proven to be a reliable way to keep kids from falling out of high windows.

Bushfire Rated

Building construction in bushfire-prone locations is governed by Australian Standard AS3959-2009. Bushfire-rated Screenguard™ defends your home from flying embers and lessens radiant heat flux intensity.

Anti-Jemmy Test

ScreenGuard™ passed the jemmy attack test, which simulates an intrusive attack using tools like screwdrivers and a lot of force. To provide consumers with a variety of locking choices, testing has been repeated for a variety of significant hardware components provided by Darley Aluminium.

Fire Attenuation

Appendix B7 of Australian Standard AS1530.4-2014. Aid in preventing the transmission of heat and flames between structures in the case of a fire.

Knife Shear Test

Security screen doors and security window grilles are governed by Australian Standard AS5039-2008. The ability of Screenguard to withstand knife attacks by meeting Australian regulatory specifications that simulate an intruder attempting to gain entry with a utility knife is another significant aspect of the product’s success.


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