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Glass Table Tops

Mick’s Glass manufactures unique glass table tops for residential as well as commercial purposes including office desks, dining tables, bedside tables, reception tables etc. We temper, polish, bevel and custom cut the glass to suit your needs.

You select the type of glass and we ensure you get the perfect customized table top. In addition to this, we will deliver the new table top to your office or home. Each one of our glass table tops is custom manufactured and every glass top is cut to specification.

Contact us if you need a glass top table cover or a glass table top replacement. Call us for further information if you would like a member of our glazing team to cut a glass top that you have designed.

Why Choose Glass Table Tops?

  • Glass tops are ideal for plant stands, night stands and tables
  • Glass is an attractive material and a glass top will give new life to an old or favourite piece of furniture
  • Place a glass top on a wooden table or a dresser to protect the wood from scuffs, scratches, glass rings and sun damage
  • Lay a new top on older furnishings rather than stain or paint
  • Use glass to safeguard furniture from damage and chips
  • Insert a new replacement glass table top into an old and weathered outdoor table to refurbish it.

So don’t wait around for other companies to offer you poor glass services. You can call Mick’s Glass and Glazing directly on (02) 9799 5352 or on 0436 308 522 for your Free Quote.